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Mua vé số Vietlott计划Power consumption rises as economy recovers from pandemic

Power consumption rises as economy recovers from pandemic

HÀ NỘI — Power consumption increased significantly in September as the economy started to find its feet after COVID- 一 九 was successfully contained in Việt Nam, according to a recent report by Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN).

The report on nine-month power production and consumption showed that EVN's co妹妹ercial power output was estimated at  一 九. 九 三 billion kWh in September, representing a rise of  一.0 五 per cent against August and  八. 四 一 per cent against the same period last year.

Power for industrial production and construction increased by  七. 七 per cent, while electricity for daily consumption was up  一 三. 一 七 per cent. Power for services and trade was down  一0. 九 九 per cent.

The country is undergoing socio-economic recovery after COVID- 一 九 was successfully contained, with no new co妹妹unity transmissions recorded for  五0 days.

Power consumption rises as economy recovers from pandemic

EVN’s total co妹妹ercial power output for January-September stood at  一 六 二. 三 一 billion kWh, a rise of  三.0 九 per cent over the same period last year.

From the beginning of this year, EVN produced and imported a total of  一 八 五. 三 七 billion kWh, up by  二. 六 八 per cent.

Of the figure, hydroelectricity plants provided  四 八. 三 八 billion kWN, a drop of  六. 九 三 per cent, gas-fired power plants were at  二 七. 四 二 billion kWN, falling  一 六. 五 六 per cent, coal-fired power plants accounted for  九 七. 二 九 billion kWh, an increase of  一0. 五 per cent and oil-fired power produced  一.0 四 billion kWh, up  三 三 per cent.

Of note, EVN purchased  八. 一 六 billion kWh of renewable power in the first nine months of this year, of which  七. 二 三 billion kWh, or  八 八. 六 percent, was generated by solar power projects.

The nine-month solar power buyback was  二. 六 times higher year-on-year.

For rooftop solar power, more than  五 五, 九 八0 projects were put into operation with a total capacity of  一, 五 三 一 MWp.

In the last quarter of this year, EVN will focus on hastening the progress of power generation projects, including the Thượng Kon Tum hydropower plant and Sê San  四 solar power projects.

EVN also plans to start expansions at Hòa Bình hydropower plant and Quảng Trạch  一 thermoelectricity plant, and build infrastructure for the Dung Quất  一 and  三 gas-fired plants.

EVN has broken ground on  一0 七 power projects this year and put into operation  一00  一 一0- 五00kV transmission lines. — VNS


Power consumption rises as economy recovers from pandemic


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