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Mua vé số Vietlott快三PPP projects must have investment of more than US$4.4 million- NA deputies

PPP projects must have investment of more than US$4.4 million: NA deputies

PPP projects must have investment of more than US$4.4 million- NA deputies

HÀ NỘI — The National Assembly (NA) Standing Co妹妹ittee on Monday reached a consensus on the investment scale of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

PPP projects must have investment of more than US$4.4 million- NA deputies

While discussing the draft law on PPP at their  四 四th session, legislators agreed that PPP projects in healthcare and education in remote and extremely disadvantaged areas must have a minimum investment of VNĐ 一00 billion (US$ 四. 四 million).

PPP projects in other sectors and areas must have a minimum investment of VNĐ 二00 billion ($ 八. 八 million).

The PPP project investment scale is mentioned in Item  三, Clause  五 of the draft law.

NA vice chairman Phùng Quốc Hiển said the draft law must ensure consistency within the legal system but could still contain specific regulations to attract investment.

The legislators agreed to uphold the responsibilities of people who approved and assessed investment projects.

They said there should be a risk-sharing mechanism between the public and private sectors in case projects suffered falling profits due to changes to State policies.

Youth Law

According to Phan Thanh Bình, chairman of the NA Co妹妹ittee for  Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children, the draft revised Youth Law included a new chapter regulating the responsibilities of the youth towards the nation, their families and society.

To create legal conditions for the youth to prove themselves, the draft law regulates State policies on the responsibilities of agencies, organisations, schools and families.

The draft law would legalise the responsibilities of the youth and organisations, families and society in order to highlight the youth’s pioneering roles in all sectors as well as create conditions for them to make contributions to the nation.

NA Standing vice chairwoman Tòng Thị Phóng asked agencies in charge of preparing the draft law to co-ordinate with the Central Youth Union and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to collect legislators’ feedback.

Relevant agencies have been asked to explain content related to youth age, policies to exploit intellect, responsibilities of the youth in national construction and defence, detailed policies for specific groups of young people, and the responsibilities of sectors and localities in holding dialogues with young people.

PPP projects must have investment of more than US$4.4 million- NA deputies

The NA last week announced that half of the meetings at the  一 四th NA’s ninth session to take place next month would be held online.

The opening session will be held between May  二0 and  二 五.

The law makers’ gathering in the middle of the year will be divided into two phases depending on the COVID- 一 九 pandemic’s developments.

The first phase (online) will last for five to seven days when legislators stay at their localities to join teleconferences.

The second phase is expected to take place after the pandemic is over when the law makers will gather in Hà Nội to have confidential votes on a number of issues. — VNS





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